Companies seek to understand the most important elements of and connections among the relevant data. In the face of multitudes of financial transactions, extensive internal and external cash flows among different recipients and the financial relationships these represent, standard analyses and written reports are inadequate.

GMVV & Co. GmbH cooperates in the field of forensic data analysis with IDSys London as a jointly operated, highly specialized expert team, which has developed its own proprietary software. Complex data are processed and visually presented using in-depth analyses so that essential information becomes evident, for example, in the detection of fraud. In court proceedings, our analyses are often decisive in determining the outcome of the case. We provide strategic foundations for decision-making in financial transactions and M&A projects.

Key elements in the Elucidation of Results
In addition, the services we offer include the analysis of complex systems, such as those encountered in corporate groups, networks and financial transactions, in particular when the issues to be investigated cover topics that span multiple national borders. Here our analysis can become a key element in the elucidation of actual relationships or the formation of structures of human interdependence.

Our offer is aimed at international companies and law firms as well as supervisory and investigation authorities. The in-house models we have developed use cluster formation to uncover and illustrate highly complex systems and networks.