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GMVV & Co. GmbH was founded in 1999 by Dr. Michele Sciurba in Frankfurt am Main, the present headquarters of the company.

The work of our team of experts focused initially and exclusively on advising cross-border business transactions, which expanded over the years due to our expertise in the energy sector as well as in the oil and gas industry to include advising government organizations and institutions, including cooperation with regulatory authorities.

Since 2010, international law firms and NGOs have relied on the strategic consulting analysis of complex questions on issues relevant to international law offered by GMVV & Co. GmbH, opening up another area of consultancy.

In addition, our interdisciplinary team develops communications strategies in complex, often critical and highly politicized situations for companies as well as for individuals and politically prominent people. In doing so, we deliberately rely on proven methods and analytical procedures, that help develop new perspectives and approaches.

The more complex the structure in which decisions are made, the greater is the empirical data upon which the decision-making is based. Usually, different models use data from the past to derive probabilities for the future. Such standardized processes and forecasts have, however, repeatedly failed in recent years, as the financial crisis in 2008 has shown. The speed of change and constant upheavals now demand other, completely new problem-solving models.

GMVV & Co. GmbH develops robust and successful strategies for its customers, based on the fact that not only known but also unknown factors are identified and included in decision-making processes. This way, remaining uncertainties and risks can be captured and mitigated. In doing so, we not only analyse the individual problem areas through a larger grasp of the big picture, but we also aim to provide an overall strategy by means of individual solutions.



We live in an increasingly complex world, which means that we have to adapt our choices to the social and political environment in which we live.

Every decision is the result of a decision-making process. Traditionally, models are used in companies as well as in NGOs and governmental organizations to ensure that decisions are rational, transparent and comprehensible.

Solutions require alternatives

GMVV & Co. GmbH was founded in 1999. GMVV is both a business consultancy and a research-oriented think tank specializing in the analysis and development of strategies for dealing with complex and often highly politicized issues. GMVV is consulted on a range of issues, from data, conceptual and factual analysis of political, economic and social developments, to the development of geopolitical strategies. We evaluate the impact of socio-economic changes caused by political developments as well as technological and environmental issues. Leading international law firms, NGOs and governments rely on GMVV’s strategic consulting analysis in addressing complex international legal issues. In recent years, GMVV has worked with both the Human Rights Committee of the German Bundestag and Fair Trials International in the field of Human Rights.

GMVV also provides support for its institutional partners, including research support and project coordination. GMVV has a team of highly qualified partners with backgrounds in philosophy, international law, comparative literature, economics, mathematics, physics and
chemistry. The scientists working at GMVV have published a large number of relevant publications in various disciplines, many of which have been awarded academic prizes.

The GMVV & Co. GmbH is registered as a think tank by the Parliament of the European Union and the Commission in the EU Transparency Register under Section IV.

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In contrast to classic consulting firms, the GMVV & Co. GmbH team consists of senior experts with many years of international experience as well as diverse academic and professional qualifications.

In addition to classical knowledge of business and economics, we have a solid background in philosophy, linguistics, comparative literature, art history, media studies, law, geosciences and physics. The interdisciplinary orientation of our team thus combines different horizons of experience and abilities that enable us to think and show new and unconventional approaches to solving existing problems in addition to classical analysis methods.

Each member of our team is active internationally. We maintain a worldwide network of representatives from business, communication, science and politics, as well as renowned internationally active law firms, with whom we closely cooperate and consult.


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