Think Tank Activities (Selection)


Podiumsdiskussion Europawochen 2023
Was bleibt von der Autor:innenschaft in Zeiten von KI?

The artist Andrea Grosso Ciponte, the writer Theresa Hannig, the linguist and cofounder of the Virtual Competence Centre “Teaching and Learning Writing with AI” Margret Mundorf, the former Member of the European Parliament Michael Detjen and the organiser Michele Sciurba (moderator) will discuss the question “What remains of authorship in the age of AI? Since ChatGPT at the latest, artificial STRATEGIC THINK TANK COMPANY / NGO / GOVERNMENT GMVV & CO. GMBH intelligence has been on everyone’s lips. Some see the opportunities in the cooperation between man and machine, others predict the displacement of human skills by technology. Will AI help art and literature reach new heights or compete with man-made works? In an open discussion, the participants will shed light on different points of view and show which relevant developments are in store for us.

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